LED electronic display screen classification

by:GKGD     2020-06-26

is LED light-emitting diodes (leds) English Light Emitting Diode. With high brightness, vision far, image is clear, bright colors, good stability, low power consumption, high photosynthetic efficiency, long service life, etc. So what are LED electronic display screen classification? Here are by photoelectric technology personnel to introduce

1, according to the display color can be divided into the single color ( Red or green) , double colors ( Red, green) , three colors ( Red, green, blue) 。

2, according to the display performance can be divided into graphic screen, synchronous display screen, market ( Screen, including securities exchange rates screen, kanban, security card factory, etc. )

3, according to the luminescent material:

1) module ( Used for indoor screen) : according to the luminous point diameter can be divided into Ф 3. 0毫米,Ф3。 75毫米,Ф4。 8mm、Ф5. 0毫米,P2。 5、P3、P4 P5、P6第七页。 62, etc.

(2) modules and pixel tube ( For outdoor screen) : according to the point spacing can be divided into PH8mm, PH10mm, PH16mm, PH20mm

3. Digital tube ( For market display) : the point spacing can be divided into 1. 2 inches, 1. 5 inches, 1. 8 inches, 2. 3 ', 3. 0 inches, 4. 0 inches, etc.

4, by using the environment points: can be divided into indoor screen, screen and half outdoor outdoor screen.

the full color LED display screen is widely used in industrial production, military, medical units, the public security system and even the aerospace industry and other fields of national economy, social life and military, and plays an important role in display technology has become indispensable to modern human social life of a

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