LED electronic display screen, high brightness and low power how to choose

by:GKGD     2020-04-07
To achieve good energy saving goal, excessive pursuit is high brightness and energy saving. So 'high brightness' and 'high energy' what is the potential relationship? At present domestic more popular 10000 CD/m2 high brightness led lamp basically is the use of large size led chip. The large size of the LED chip is as a mainstream is widely adopted by most of the LED display manufacturers, and with no core technology. And it is well known, the brightness of the led screen is proportional with the led drive current. 10000 CD/m2 brightness is increase the LED drive current. However physical characteristics of leds will inevitable: high brightness leds with low attenuation, high stability characteristics. High attenuation is not conducive to long-term use requirements of led display, also can become excessive pursuit of high brightness of birth defects, and that birth defects will be all the time, the multiplier effect, miraculously damage of the life and picture of the led display. Highlight PH16mm screen, for example, the technical parameters of the high brightness LED lights display: 10000 CD/m2 brightness in 1. 5 - Two years will be serious attenuation of 8000 CD/m2, the attenuation rate is above 20%. Actually consumers can verify in a simple way, is to take a look at a few has been running more than 2 years, and use more than 12 hours every day this high brightness of the display effect. What's more, from the 10000 CD/m2 brightness already dropped to 8000 CD/m2, its high working current situation has not changed, will be double its brightness attenuation speed, causing decay in the late several times faster, as a high attenuation of the display screen. And exists in a vicious cycle of intensity attenuation, cannot satisfy the requirement of use for a long time. To avoid the light pollution, conform to the requirements of the environmental protection laws and regulations, LED electronic display using the brightness of the standard is not the same day and night. As is known to all, reduce brightness to lose more or less gray level, the greater the brightness adjustment, gray level, the greater the loss. As a result, such as the initial brightness LED display the daytime a value of 10000 CD/m2 at night to 800 CD/m2 brightness, or extreme loss of gray level, makes night image quality is poor; Either fail to adjust brightness to the night to use the standard requirements, to form a high levels of light pollution. It seems that the market had advocated the value of high brightness, as for the LED electronic display manufacturing technology does not mean that leading technology, but a serious sacrifice screen life for high current high brightness. Instead, let a person have overblown, short of. Excessive pursuit of brightness error, should belong to a market when the technology has not reached the corresponding level, or technology can not solve the bottleneck, and consumer demand for highlighting is exorbitant, ignoring the led electronic display brightness influence on grayscale, cause certain influence to the balance of a product.
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