LED electronic screen connected to the computer?

by:GKGD     2020-04-21
LED electronic screen as a kind of low power consumption, large real-time dynamic display information of the best tools, it can display computer generated dynamic graphic images. On the color of the LED display from his points, generally there are four, one is single color LED electronic screen, 2 it is double colors LED electronic screen, three are three primary colors LED electronic screen, four is full color each are not identical, this 4 kinds of color change with full color more on common market now. Led electronic screen connected to the computer? 1, move the contents of the third party software play to play area of the full color LED display, LED display can show you the content of the third party software play. Some are stored in a computer, then use software to open. 2, I want to watch this computer to control LED display and LED display, cable can be used generally below 100 meters, 100 meters to 500 meters with multimode fiber, with more than 500 m from the single mode fiber. 3, if it is full color, the computer is not have DVI or VGA interface, then connection is ok. 4, if you are single and double color screen, you can store computer editor beforehand good content in LED display control system, then don't use the computer. 5, if the third party software play window is not big, can be pulled to the left of the full color LED display range, if the third party software is full screen, then use 2 computer operation.
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