Led electronic screen making graphic tutorials ( 2) The assembly

by:GKGD     2020-04-07
After assembly: 1, the good material, use electric drill, punch a hole first and then use a self tapping screw or rivet will be assembled outside the box. Note with fixed hole to play in the plastic corner profile contact. 2. , after assembled frame, horizontal, vertical arrow on the unit board all in the same direction (neat Note the arrow must be completely consistent) 。 The fixed with copper column or magnets to the cell plate on both sides of the screw. 3, use transverse unit board wiring together, pay attention to row line don't flip, cannot be wrong. At both ends of the board pull over the side of the empty without wiring installation. 4, connect the power cord. Red is black, unit board VCC is positive, GND is negative. Must carefully check the positive and negative can't meet the, otherwise it will burn unit board or other components. Generally three to four board as a set of parallel together, which leads to the positive and negative two joints, the corresponding output termination of switch power supply, the concrete connection details behind. 5, fixed flat iron. After unit board screw on the magnet, according to the corresponding width of the box body good to use a flat iron. The flat iron with self tapping screw or rivet on the box body. Pay attention to just the magnet at the cell plate on the side of the screw, is to two pieces of unit board with a flat iron. General should look to one side of the flat iron is fixed, punch a call on the other side of the eye, when drilling to the box body into the crowded together, so that make to the box body contorts. 6, all fixed flat iron, screen on the back of the aluminum dust with cleaner, such as dust suction cleaner. Residual may cause a short-circuit burn unit of aluminum plate or other components. 7, connect power. Half of the outdoor unit general nine boards with a 5 v40a power supply. , there are three groups on the power output to connect power like diagram results in three groups of lines. Diagram wiring method is to reduce the load of each group of online, in the actual production should refer to the connection diagram. 8, first fixed the power supply to the box body. The length of the joint guarantee that all the can from the actuators to a power supply. 9, switching power supply, L/N two terminal is ac 220 input; Is the screen earthing terminal, the wire directly here on the screen; COM is 5 v cathode; Is 5 V + V the positive. The unit line in each group received here on the board. 10, connection control card. Led display data from the screen positive transfer from right to left. Control card is fixed on the right side of the screen. On the flat iron on the right side of the good eye, twisted copper column, with the appropriate size of screws to fix control card. Pay attention to the control card don't direct contact with the metal, middle can mat board, plastic board, etc. Insulation. The data on the control card output don't receiving unit board first. 11, the power of the control card to lead directly from the switching power supply, can't again through unit board hook line up to the control card. Is the cathode can't wrong, all 220 input connected to the parallel switching power supply, and lead to a plug as a power input of the screen. 12, carefully check the power cord have any pick up or loose, sure no problem after. Plug in the power supply plug, if all the indicator light proof power cords, no problem. If have a power indicator light is not bright or found to have the phenomenon of smoke, fire, immediately cut off the power cord. Check the power supply and wiring. After the power supply is normal, the control card data output line to display the rightmost column data input unit board. Pay attention to the direction of the cable to correct. If, according to the normal display shows there is no problem. 13, according to normal after, download the latest software operation. Through software setup screen parameters, the input need to display the content of the final program exported to SD memory. The white card reader in the SD memory from above, screen direct broadcast began. Related searches: LED electronic display manufacturers LED display price
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