Led electronic screen wiring instructions ( Led electronic screen wiring diagram attached)

by:GKGD     2020-05-05
How is the led electronic screen is the connection? The led display manufacturer to answer this question, and attached to the led electronic screen wiring diagram for details! How is the led electronic screen is the connection? Led electronic screen connection steps are as follows: 1. Will first cutting good profile stitching, assemble the display outside of the box. General profile only on the market square, circular, but the assembly method is the same. 2. The outer frame assembly, put P10 unit board within the framework, Pay attention to the positive and negative framework, slotted side is positive) , then install the back of the position is quite accurate, avoid a wrong and change all of the trouble. 3. Back of the fixed end, the framework, install the magnet, shown below: 4. Fixed unit board. 5. Good connection ribbon cable, power cord. 6. Fixed display power supply and LED control card, LED control card and power cable connection. Will the LED control card with the power cord connected to the nearest unit board, control card shows there are negative. 7. Display power supply and display unit board wiring, the attention is negative, it is recommended to use SVV2 * 1. 0 soft core, which is 1 square twin soft core main power supply according to the size of the screen to choose from. 8. Control card and unit board wiring connection ( Particularly important) , please watch carefully before connecting to understand, the screen is not fixed on the wall, this is the most critical step, can pass the test button to check the screen installation is correct. Received, Short distance than is commonly used in five types of cables can be) Normal general use serial port 2, 3, 5 cross the line, also has the parallel lines, the software CD usually have wiring instructions.
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