Led full-color displays three function let you heart

by:GKGD     2020-04-27
LED electronic screen on the basis of the continuous development of science and technology to show the unique advantages, at the same time and therefore is widely used in entertainment, sports and various places, such as traffic station and full color full color LED display screen role is three big customers for their love, choose to buy the most main reason. Here, let's take a look at the led full-color displays three major function: 1, video and text information release led electronic screen can be used in the form of video and images or text on news release, the contents of the information and policies and regulations issued as well. And when making video and text information release, LED electronic screen can according to the need of the actual packet classification and part of the play. LED electronic screen at the same time also has the function of the spot at any time, the function provide powerful guarantee for the timely transmission of information. 2, broadcast live on television and LED electronic screen image for the city construction actually contribute a lot of power, and as the window of the government's work, can provide citizens with information on government work and social news, etc. In addition, people can make use of LED electronic screen broadcast module, the system can at any time in the specified or all of the terminal and a video broadcast on TV news, etc. 3, good advertising brand LED electronic screen not only can release video and live, and can also be advertisement. Through the electronic screen system, can realize a variety of forms such as pictures and video and text ads. And in the process of showing ads can be according to the specific situation and demand, to adjust the layout of the screen Settings, in different areas can display different content. This is mainly because the LED electronic screen system built-in module has a variety of layout, the layout of the enough support as many as eight image segmentation.
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