LED full-color displays three primary colors

by:GKGD     2020-04-27
Full color LED display screen on the market, there are three primary colors, namely: monochrome, double colors, full color! Below, lian sen photoelectric simple introduce three primary colors of LED full-color displays. 1, the monochromatic - — Constitutes a light-emitting full color LED display pixels, there is only one color, are usually red or green, due to the high cost of blue leds, only commonly used to make full color. Monochrome leds due to poor performance, typically used to display text. 2, double colors - — Constitutes a light-emitting LED display pixels, there are two kinds of color, red, green, rely on two primary colors red, green, combination of different gray levels can display a variety of colors. Double colors screen while short of full color display, but because the price is quite high performance, has been widely used. Can display text, images, animation and video images. 3, full color - — Constitutes a light-emitting full color LED display pixels, has red, green, blue three colors, rely on the red, green, blue three primary colors of different grey scale combination can be well is the color of nature, has the rich expressive force, in theory, its color restore ability more than TV, as the blue chip prices fell, the decrease of production cost of full color, will become the development direction of LED display.
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