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by:GKGD     2020-04-28
As the LED display screen is widely used in all walks of life, LED full color LED display and LED large screen product diversification but also greatly promote the rapid development of all walks of life, especially the LED full color is more the favour of people. However, in the process of practical application of LED full color LED full color when maintenance is very necessary, so the LED full color how to maintain? The following by the full color LED manufacturer to introduce LED full color several methods of maintenance. 1, maintain full color LED display screen using the environment humidity, don't let anything in the nature of moisture into your full color LED display screen. With humidity, full-color display screens, electric, can lead to a full-color displays parts corrosion, causing permanent damage. 2, to avoid potential problems, we can select the protection for passive and active safety, repeat the could harm the full-color display screen items away from the screen, and clean the screen also gently wipe as much as possible, to minimize the possibility of the damage. 3, being stable power supply and grounding protection is good, the bad natural conditions, especially in strong thunder don't use under the weather. 4, screen it is forbidden to water in the body, such as iron powder easily conductive metal. LED display screen placed in low dust environment as far as possible, the dust will affect the display, at the same time the dust too much can cause damage to the circuit. If the water because of various reasons, please power off immediately and contact maintenance personnel, until the screen display board dry rear can use in the body. 5 don't for a long time, played in full white, red, green, blue, etc all bright screen, so as not to cause too much electricity, the power cord fever is too large, LED lamp is damaged, affect the service life of the screen. Do not free disassembly, splicing screen! 6, advice, LED display screen time to rest more than 2 hours a day, in the rainy season LED large screen used more than once a week at least. Generally open screen at least once a month, lit for more than 2 hours. 7, screen can use alcohol to wipe the surface, or use the dust brush, vacuum cleaners, not directly with wet cloth to wipe. Shenzhen lian sen photoelectric co. , LTD. ( www。 szlenson。 cn) Is one specialized is engaged in the LED display development, production, sales and engineering services in one high-tech enterprises, the main products have full color LED display, leasing, LED full color LED display, LED screen, LED unit board, LED table stick unit board, indoor full color LED unit board, LED display module and so on product sales, indoor LED display price is favorable, welcome consulting.
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