LED full color of choose and buy of the four parameters

by:GKGD     2020-04-28
LED full color with red, green, and blue light-emitting tube, each pipe constitutes a 16777216 colors gray level 256. Full color LED display system, and adopted the latest LED technology and control technology, the LED full color price is lower, more stable performance, lower power consumption, unit have higher resolution and more vivid colorful and less component system electronic components to reduce the failure rate. One, the main technical parameter table 2 kinds of indoor LED display, LED full color application used to go to the hospital, school, wharf, building, enterprise, government hall, radio and television system, command system, restaurant, hotel, KTV, wholesale market, etc. , the application of LED full color range, there are a lot of friends want to buy something I don't know how to choose, this period in shenzhen for you about LED full color LED display manufacturer of choose and buy of the five parameters. The five parameters of three, LED full color to choose 1, pixels. Because is indoor table technology, two kinds of models are red, green and blue. Point spacing is the basis of LED display model distinguish, also determines the final of the full color LED display display effect. P5 model point spacing technology in many years ago is leading in the field of hd display, dart is the resolution of 40000 pixels. 2, the screen brightness. Indoor table paste technology belong to scan driver, brightness requirements is usually more than 1600 CD / ㎡, in outdoor, or indoor window position must choose brightness is larger than 2500 or more CD / ㎡ brightness model. 3, best stadia and effect: the background of the stage, and all kinds of activities used before a big screen is P6 or more commonly coarse model. Watching the located at 10 m or so commonly can clearly see the picture, just come to two steps it was embarrassing appear full screen of particles. Now all kinds of career development is swift and violent, indoor LED display (P5 and P4 is generally selected models, hd is P3. ( But at present, P3, P2. 5 super clear display such as the price is more expensive) 4, full color LED display price: if the viewing position without demanding, indoor full color LED display, it is difficult to distinguish the effect of the P5 and P6 said above, for example, but the model more fine prices more expensive. 5, the choose and buy: the choice of indoor LED screen models mainly P5 model for watershed, forward is higher of P4, P3, P2. 5, and other general super clear model, suitable for small area. Followed the P6 and P7. 62 table model, such as use with larger area, viewing distance remote environment.
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