LED landscape lighting to the 'creative light' city

by:GKGD     2020-05-08
In recent years, China's major cities of the outdoor landscape lighting has been increasingly used LED products, such as city beautification of lights, scenic lighting engineering, restaurants, hotels, residential areas and major architectural lighting engineering, etc. , are to replace the traditional LED neon lights. Second, the LED light source structure of lightweight ( Epoxy resin encapsulation) , small volume, easy to conceal, can adapt to a variety of geometric dimensions and different size. Belong to solid light source, gas, gas sealing problems, don't need the glass shell, impact resistance, resistant to vibration. Its good controllability, fast response time, can destroy frequent light over and over again. Third, the LED light source pure, colorful, evolution can be any color, also formed a variety of dot, line, face, ball shape, such as landscape effect more flexibility. 'LED is low voltage products, hand touch will not get an electric shock accident, this also gives visitors a close feeling LED lighting works, enhance the public of the interactive design creates opportunities. 'Ding Pingshui. Although in the domestic landscape lighting, LED product development soon, but combined with the industry development situation at home and abroad for many years, Ding Ping thinks, around the large-scale application of this kind of lighting is still will take time, at present there are some problems in the application. Ding Ping pointed out that the current domestic production enterprises LED products jumbly, clear model of this kind of product is not regulated, and much is factory set, or customized to meet the need of project, it's late to replace caused much trouble. Especially some products coarsely, seriously affect the service life. 'The LED products, though obvious advantages, design, use of party should be rational treat this kind of product. Ding Ping said, 'in terms of designer, should establish the concept of sustainable use, according to the project functional requirements right collocation LED products, through the design reflects the advanced nature of the product to the greatest extent, to achieve full integration of art and technology, don't let the landscape works become product device. 'Leds include large wattage, small wattage, such as different types, different projects have different requirement for the light color, these are all decided to design the content and ultimately important elements of the landscape effect. Designers should 'because of the need condition, reasonable setting. Construction process, signal lines, power cords and other facilities must be in strict accordance with the provisions laid, late to ensure normal and safe use. LED is not indestructible 'body', it will be because of the color temperature, waterproof, heat dissipation problems performance is not stable. So, if use undeserved, can appear the same droop, use should be clear to this point.
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