LED large screen can withstand the hot summer sun?

by:GKGD     2020-04-26
Along with the continuous development of science and technology, the led large screen has been widely used in our daily life, but not everything is as people wish, the led large screen in use process often has the problem of protection grade. Southern city like shenzhen, outdoor continuous high temperature, uv exposure. Led large screen itself in the process of operation will generate a lot of heat, coupled with outdoor temperature, the sun exposure. Such situation to the led large screen durable time made a 85 discount. It became a major problem of outdoor recognised by the market. Early shenzhen LED display company has done so for this test, shenzhen full color LED display manufacturer forecast of 50000 hours of durable, has not been realized. So in today's led large screen widely development situation of outdoor has what performance, sun exposure can withstand live? 1, the material must be strictly controlled, must use environmental protection material. Through special process, no glue, just can make the module is to achieve both waterproof and dustproof, and uv protection environmental protection purposes. 2, outdoor should have good heat dissipation system. After the sun insolates, screen body heat is higher, the cooling system is very important. The cooling system can have the whole display system runs in a stable condition.
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