Led large screen rental agreement to share | full color led display screen

by:GKGD     2020-04-07
Led large screen is the trend of the development of the advertising industry in the 21st century, is the family the advertising display equipment with audio and video functions, is a leading international high-tech products. The equipment appearance novel and unique, the area can be adjusted freely, not only can broadcast audio and video advertising program, and can also be fixed light box advertising, all around the local governments are encouraged to use push for outdoor led large screen, gradually cancel the canvas ads, light box advertising for examination and approval. Outdoor LED large screen is an ideal substitute products canvas ads, light box advertising, bring you a huge rich economic benefits and social benefits. Led large screen rental agreement to share: party a: party b: by the supply and demand both sides friendly negotiation, rental led full-color displays, agree to sign this contract: one, note: product name, model, number, amount can accept CVBS, YC. VGA。 DVD video signals, after installation of the screen body cannot be used again split second, time: in September morning out of the screen, to month, day. Location: 3, the terms of payment: 1, the completion of the contract signing party a pay party b RMB yuan, as advance payment of the project. 2, after the equipment arrived at the scene, party a shall pay party b RMB yuan all the balance payment. 4, 1, party a is responsible for the obligations and rights to deal with party b's equipment, vehicles and engineering technical personnel in and out of the field of all procedures and work certificates, if party b caused by certificates or entry formalities problem equipment or personnel can not enter the site, party a shall bear full responsibility and economic losses caused by such default. 2, party a shall payment as stipulated in the contract, party a is responsible for the broadcast content and the corresponding need to peripheral equipment. 3, party b to provide technical personnel, is responsible for the installation of the LED large screen, measurement, disassembly, maintenance and manipulation of the work. 4, and party b is responsible for the installation of the start of the performance on the morning of the big screen and all equipment. 5, if there is any fee LED dress rehearsal program ( Every time are 50% of the total rental price divided by the number of days) 6, LED display and the surrounding equipment installed by party b in the use of place of custody by party a is responsible for, if there is any damage or loss of party a is responsible for. Five, the solution contract dispute method: disputes in the performance of this contract, shall be amicably settled through negotiation, the negotiation or mediation did not come to an agreement, to a people's court with jurisdiction. Six, this contract in duplicate, each party holds one, and come into force after signature and seal of both parties, the two have the same legal force, faxed copy has equal legal effect. Any party has no right to unilaterally change any term of this contract, shall not be entitled to under the condition of without the written consent of the other party to a third party according to the contract, or as a default. After this contract comes into effect, one party breaches the contract is unable to perform, the default party should pay the rent contract to another party 20% of the total penalty due to breach of contract. Matters not, both sides signed the supplementary agreement, this agreement and this contract are equally valid. Party a unit ( Affix one's seal) Party b units ( Affix one's seal) Telephone: telephone, fax, fax: entrusted agent: entrusted agent: a time: a time:
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