LED lighting development main body market trends from the linear LED lighting power supply

by:GKGD     2020-05-08
International rectifier company, IR) Peter B LED the head of the department. Green recently pointed out that the offline LED power market mainly divided into two parts of high power and low power, probably with 50 w as the dividing line, not including handheld devices such as low voltage applications. Type LED to replace light bulbs and other new LED lighting development is very rapid, the main market tend from linear LED lighting power supply. Based on the integrated LED light bulb replacement product USES simple, non insulated mostly step-down voltage regulator LED driver circuit. These products are used the least number of components and the lowest cost, but also must provide enough lumens per watt at the same time, and higher than 0. 7 power factor and bidirectional thyristor dimmer with standard dimmer. Can't meet the performance requirements of the product on the market is gradually being replaced, and the department of energy's 'energy star program ( 能源之星计划) 'Requirement is one of the reasons for this change. High power LED driver usually need insulation isolation, UL standard in order to achieve. This often requires the power factor is greater than zero. 9, and has the capability of dimming, and this kind of dimming ability may be based outside of the dimmer by other methods. You also need to have at least equal with fluorescent lamp lumens per watt, and has a longer service life. Allan Diodes LED lighting division general manager Lin believes that from the linear development of LED lighting power supply will change the LED sales point of view, from sales volume low current of DC/DC power supply, high brightness LED ( Mark used in mobile phones, and laptops) That LED to higher sales of AC/DC power supply current ( General lighting applications) 。 This will increase the general illumination of AC/DC LED driver market, and increase the demand for power supply form a lower cost. LED back light and other large LCD TV application is for other development space. They are moving from CCFL to LED, LED to further promote higher current, higher voltage power supply, the development of the market and improve the parallel drive many large chain of higher power leds.
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