LED outdoor large screen five asked five answer

by:GKGD     2020-04-26
Do you know about outdoor LED large screen? Lian sen photoelectric LED outdoor large screen are summarized five asked five a knowledge point, below small make up to you to introduce outdoor full color knowledge. 1, considering the user site can allow the screen body area factors have? ( 1) Effective range and the relationship between the actual venue size; ( 2) Pixel size and resolution; ( 3) To the base unit area estimation; ( 4) Screen machinery installation and maintenance operation space; ( 5) Screen Angle on the influence of the distance. 2, the user needs to play effect have? ( 1) Text display: depending on the text size and determine demand; ( 2) Ordinary video display: 320 * 240 lattice; ( 3) Digital standard DVD shows: 640 * 480 or higher lattice; ( 4) A complete computer video: 800 x 600 or more lattice; 3, what environment brightness for screen brightness requirements? The intensity of the general requirements are as follows: ( 1) Indoor: & gt; 800 cd / M2 ( 2) Half indoor: & gt; 2000CD/M2 ( 3) Outdoor ( Sit in the north) :比; 4000 cd / M2 ( 4) Outdoor ( Sits) :比; 8000 CD/M2 4, red, green and blue in the brightness of the white makeup of what requirements? Red, blue, and green contribution in respect of the white colour is not the same. The root cause is due to the human eye retina for different wavelengths of light feeling. After a great deal of experimental test about proportion, get the following for test design: simple than red, green and blue brightness is: 3:6:1 accurate than red, green and blue brightness is: 3. 0:5. 9:1. 1. 5, why high-end outdoor full color to pure green tube? In the actual full color LED display production, should choose high luminous efficiency and can get rich color bright tricolor LED lamp, so that the colour in the chromaticity diagram triangle area as much as possible in and near the tongue color spectrum curve, to meet the rich color and send enough brightness and tongue shape curve for the top 515 nm wavelength of light, so the high-end full color LED display with close to 515 nm wavelength pure green LED tube light, for example, use 520 nm, 525 nm and 530 nm wavelength light leds.
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