LED packaging production capacity to accelerate the shift to China (2017 2)

by:GKGD     2020-04-29
Rising in recent years, along with permeability, the global LED full color industry growth is slowing, and in the domestic market, the manufacturer's market share has exceeded seventy percent, global packaging capacity to accelerate transferring to China, also is expected to 2017 mainland packaging production capacity will continue to keep growing. Application of new technology and new industry growth LEDinside research associate store in thought, looking ahead to 2017, remain competitive, companies will accelerate to display small spacing, infrared and ultraviolet LED niche market in order to profit, estimates global LED market value will amount to $15. 4 billion in 2017, year growth of 4%. 'Small spacing market become mohican. 'Store in said, due to the small distance between the screen led led of geometric use quantity growth, attracting many Chinese led assembly house to expand capacity to those of the market pie. In addition, the infrared LED in areas such as security, iris recognition and VR application boundless opportunities. In 2017, another important thing is the micro LED products is expected to come out. In the expert opinion, the LED is to have a chance to replace the next generation of OLED panel display technology, currently has attracted many brand companies into research and development. Although at this stage micro LED distance instead of TFT - LCD ( LCD) And the full color LED display is still very far away, but some manufacturers have plans to introduce related applications, LEDinside forecast appeared in succession in 2017 will be a micro LED products. According to sun yat-sen university - joint, an assistant professor in the college of engineering at Carnegie Mellon university Liu Zhaojun introduction, is considered to be ideal for the next generation of micro LED display technology, its application will include outdoor large and medium size? Indoor large screen, desktop computer? Notebook computer monitors, mobile phone? Digital camera? Portable projector screen, smart watches? Wearable bracelet, and other products. In addition, such as, automotive LED, LED lamp filament niche markets are widely popular. 0. 4 billion dollars. 'At present, vehicle outside outfit trend of is the most explosive, car to light, tail light, etc. Choose led the way more and more, due to the small volume, strong brightness leds, improve the design of the entire car beauty. 'Light vehicle center, deputy director of the zhong-wei wang said.
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