LED packaging production capacity to accelerate the shift to China (2017 3)

by:GKGD     2020-04-29
Rising in recent years, along with permeability, the global LED full color industry growth is slowing, and in the domestic market, the manufacturer's market share has exceeded seventy percent, global packaging capacity to accelerate transferring to China, also is expected to 2017 mainland packaging production capacity will continue to keep growing. Market price or rose slightly due to the upstream raw materials costs rise, the LED industry to enter the surge in an all-round way. In may last year, Taiwan chip electric open the first wave of chip prices, then the mainland followed suit. At present, the surge has to terminal consumer applications. Industry forecasts, industry in 2017 will remain at present situation, price is even further edged up space. LEDinside brand director wang believes that since 2016, the LED industry successively in the five round of price increases, price increase is the main factors of the supply side rising prices of raw materials, as well as the small spacing on demand rapid growth in the field of full color LED display this segment. In his view, the two years before the domestic LED chip prices fell sharply, so 2016 price is bottoming rebound after the crash. But on the other hand, due to the price of some LED products supply shortage phenomenon, is not a full reversal of the market, rather than structural shortage. Due to the current rise in price is mainly cost factor, demand growth benefit of enterprise is not much, so prices benefited range relatively limited, mainly in the display supply chain and have the ability to pass on the cost of downstream production. Most of the middle and lower reaches of the manufacturer still face need not cost of materials is in rapid growth, which affect profitability. In view of the current of the LED, LED by three Ann and electricity, leading enterprises in the LED chip market price game, wang, 2017 chip makers should adopt a reasonable strategy, avoid the 'prisoner's dilemma', maintain industry into the cooperative game model, the last 2016 years don't drop the price rise, avoid vicious competition back into a price war.
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