LED packaging production capacity to accelerate the shift to China (2017 A)

by:GKGD     2020-05-06
Rising in recent years, along with permeability, the global LED full color industry growth is slowing, and in the domestic market, the manufacturer's market share has exceeded seventy percent, global packaging capacity to accelerate transferring to China, also is expected to 2017 mainland packaging production capacity will continue to keep growing. Full color LED industry area pattern change after a few years ago, after the rapid growth of the global LED full color industry is gradually into the 'plateau', growth is slowing. Among them, the Chinese manufacturer's market share continued to improve, is playing a more and more important role. According to statistics, in the field of upstream LED chips, China market size of 13. 9 billion yuan in 2016, year-on-year growth of 9%, chip GuoChanLv rose to 76%, the top 10 manufacturers, share rose to 77%; and in the field of middle encapsulation, the size of the market in 2016 reached 58. 9 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 6%, GuoChanLv rose to 67%, the top 10 manufacturers, share rose to 43%. Yu Bin LEDinside analyst said that at present on both sides of the led display technology gap is narrowing, mainland manufacturers on the price advantage is obvious. Expansion has, for the moment, the manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the mainland, which predicts that led display localization rate will continue to improve in the future. In addition to the upstream LED full color chip link, the industry also is entering a smooth development. Industry forecasts, from 2015 to 2020, compound growth rate of only about 6%, growth is far more less than in previous years. 'Although the industry growth rate significantly slowed, but the area of industry structure changes, the global packaging capacity is accelerating shift to China'. Yu Bin said, as some international companies such as philips, samsung, foundry factory capacity in China is increasing. Due to cost pressures, the domestic many LED enterprises is shifting from the pearl river delta to other areas, such as wood Tomlinson began experimenting with some manufacturers such as shift to jiangxi, jiangsu and other places. In addition, due to the industrial structure gradually clear, giant has now, part of the small and medium-sized enterprise transformation also beginning to show signs of other industries. Another DIGITIMES research institutions has also point out that, given the large size demand is growing fast, such as the 2017 China LED full-color display packaging enterprise capacity will continue to grow. In addition, by 2017, the Chinese LED epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturers production capacity will account for more than 50% of global production.
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