LED screen price include stage have?

by:GKGD     2020-04-21
The annual Spring Festival gala, is a program of the Chinese people, in addition to show to watch, small make up think the background of the stage is a big attraction, let's look at the past Spring Festival gala led screen background rendering stage: 09 Spring Festival gala led stage background screen 14 years gala led stage background screen 15 years gala led stage background screen led screen have Spring Festival gala on stage. Then, LED screen cost expensive stage? It includes the cost of what? Actually LED stage of the screen is not very expensive, LED stage mainly includes seven aspects of the cost of the screen. Below, led electronic display manufacturers led screen cost price stage gave you talk about the origin of: 1. Screen quotation: full color LED display manufacturers display quotation of xx yuan/square meters, selected materials, including the price also is different. ( General full color LED display quotation by LED tube, LED module, electrical panels, drive chip IC, module, power supply, steel casing and plastic mask and display all internal wiring, cables. ) 2. Control system cost: the cost of sending card and receiving display card, this is mainly based on screen size determine the number of CARDS, in general the bigger the area density, the higher the more the number of CARDS used, requires a separate accounting cost. 3. Accessory equipment costs, distribution box, computer, audio power amplifier, air conditioning, multi-function control card, lightning arrester, TV card and LED video processor, etc. Of course some of these equipment users can also bring your own good, with, of course, also can need not less than the equipment. 4. Screen playback software: including computer system software, as well as screen play for LED video player software, etc. 5. Steel frame, artificial cost: used for fixed installation screen bracket, usually with a steel frame structure. Including artificial cost of installation, our company can be contracted QuanZong down. ( Advice is provided by the manufacturer free of steel structure design drawings, customers get the producers in the local production, cost less not only, also is very convenient to install. ) 6. Transportation cost: generally USES motor transport logistics, the customer to pay, depending on the transport distance budget, believe that our customers can accept. 7. Technician charges: goods to the customer at the same time, to send 1 - Two technical engineers to come help guide installation, commissioning. Installation is generally not to collect fees, such cost will include technical engineers generally eat to live, and the return fare.
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