LED table put new generation PK into old forces who can win?

by:GKGD     2020-04-07
In the development of the outdoor display of the past few decades, because of considering the outdoor harsh natural conditions, outdoor LED display are almost straight inserted type monopoly. Upright type encapsulation structure, however, due to the LED display components structure itself characteristics and the technology of congenital defect, cannot satisfy the requirement of the market more. In recent years, depends on the progress of the packaging technology and support, coupled with the rising of ornamental effect, increasingly mature indoor table technology must not content to be good family began to slowly transition and moved to outdoor led display become to be bestowed favor on newly, popular in the great river north and south. This in a matchup of new generation and the old forces, decided today! A high resolution, into the LED display is normally only done P10, maximum limit only to P8. And table paste components for LED display into the era of small spacing density within the P8. Second, the wide Angle into the LED display light Angle is small, module between off color phenomenon is more obvious; Table stick LED display in the horizontal and vertical direction has over 120 degrees Angle, better visual effect. Three, good effect of mixed light into light bead is the separation of three oval LED; Table stick three chips are in the same bowl mix light, mixed light effect is good, table type LED display colors more vivid. Four, good heat dissipation into the lamp bead heat conduction path length, high thermal resistance; The table is tall short feet, low thermal resistance, greatly improves the life span of the LED display. Five, low production cost table paste screen to be able to use automatic placement machine for automatic production, high production efficiency. LED door appearance on screen module circuit design can achieve the light board and drive board dual function, relative to the upright type products, not only improve the reliability, enhanced the production efficiency, more importantly, reduce the cost. Six, light table LED screen thinner, lighter, easy to install, carry, greatly reduce the security hidden danger and transportation costs. Seven: high contrast due to the design structure of the triad, full-color SMD size is small, so the light emitting area is small, black area area is large, to improve the contrast of LED display. After a PK door appearance stick LED display direct plug-in displays have killed the old forces, with the constraint of price and technology has been gradually resolved, watch our LED display screen, instead of the direct plug-in full-color LED display screen has become a trend.
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