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by:GKGD     2020-04-08
For 2017 years, LED display industry changing let many people began to rice paste, including LED display of many aspects, such as price, quality, technical parameters more months is confused, LED electronic display manufacturers, with everybody understand the latest information in time, how to choose the LED display screen is no longer a problem. LED the ten key parameters have? How do they help you choose led display? In the previous article we have nearly before 5 parameters are introduced, in this article to explain the LED display after 5 parameters. 6. Contrast and image uniformity when we watch the screen picture, feel the picture is a little white, gray and feeling like a layer of gauze attached on the surface, the picture appear a sense is not strong, that means the screen contrast is low, its contrast numerical value is not less than 1000:1, the main and leds encapsulation and module mask design, significantly higher than the contrast of the black bracket leds boy stent white leds. Display screen is clean, no pitting, Mosaic phenomenon, the main with the LED brightness and color consistency, we can pass the test in RGB monochrome screen body and white state, its brightness and color uniformity. After we know the display function, an excellent display effect on screen also has a good performance is needed to calculate the high quality display, we mainly through the following several aspects to verify its performance. 7. Pixel is out of control point ( Warranty period) Points blind pixels is out of control point and often bright spot, with the birth of the screen small spacing, the industry standard is not used to the small spacing, the standards should be higher, the control rate should be controlled in 1 x10 5 below. 8. IP protection and security level led display IP protection grade is commonly used in industry ip43 and ip65 protection class is mainly two aspects of waterproof and dustproof, its numerical protection grade is higher, the greater the IP security mainly embodied in the leakage current, its value in U of X1. 1 times, under the condition of the floor drain current 3 or less. 5mA; Second, the electric strength, in the 1500 V, 1 min without insulation breakdown test conditions. 9. Power consumption and energy saving in order to reduce the power consumption of the display, and improve the energy utilization, so as to reduce the temperature of the display screen, prolong its service life, temperature drop 10 ℃, doubled the life of a product, mainly to achieve the following several aspects: 1. Low value of Vf LED 2. Low value Vds constant current driver IC 3. Low impedance PCB design 4. 4 module working voltage. 2 v 3。 8 v 5。 PFC acuity 0 switch power supply. 95 conversion efficiency ( ≥ 0. 85). 10. Stability and the life of a LED display even though it shows effect is again good, if its stability is not high, unstable failure rate is high, then the LED display quality also is very low, in order to improve its reliability is mainly from the following several aspects to consider: 1. Material selection, material analysis 2. Thermal design: heat, heat distribution in 3. Redundant: switching power supply, controller, PCB line 4. Material tolerance: 20% allowance for 5. Reliability simulation verification test: life, certification through the above from two aspects of the function and performance of the product after detailed study, when we watch a screen again, you know from what respect to identify their level of quality, so as to choose to suit oneself of the purpose of cost-effective products.
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