LED TV prices dropped a new round of price effect will appear

by:GKGD     2020-05-08
LCD TV ( LCDTV) Is they want to purchase items on the list of choice. According to market research firm TheNPDGroup data, USES the LED backlight LCD TV, the average price was $1106, from October 2009 to October 2010 a year, were down 44%; The traditional cold cathode tube ( CCFL) Backlit LCD TV prices also significantly decline, fell by 24%, the average selling price is only $435. During the period of 'false consistently pointed out leaflets, flat TV will continue to be in the black Friday holiday selling electronic products. This year, retailers will try to borrow from a slower prices and improve LCD DianShiJia market penetration, to make up for a few months to graphic display product revenue decline. 'NPD industry analysis RossRubin executive director, said:' when the prices of LED backlight TV more quickly than traditional LCD TV, LED backlight TV will continue to have significant price advantage. 'When the LED chip steadily falling prices, the price of LCD panel dynamic more complicated; After the recession than expected market demand also quickly return to 2009 levels, and manufacturers in the supply chain in the second half of the season is also facing the state of product shortage, resulting in the first half of 2010 LCD TV panel prices. Because of the LCD TV supply chain operation takes three months, the rise in the price of panel, will make the retail price declines in the first half of 2010 will be easing. 'Because of the LCD TV less profit margins continue to go this kind of product, when want to promote sales, brand and retail needs in some extent, the supply chain vendor's mercy; '' north American TV market research director PaulGagnon pointed out:' the result will be cooling the growth of some markets, such as the United States market; When this kind of industry circulation is often happened, again will affect the supply chain, including LCD TV panel key components such as falling demand, cause the result of excess supply. 'The price of LCD TV panel from the second quarter of 2010 began to fall again, especially on 32 inch and 40/42 inch products, this is the most popular two dimensions; Compared with in the third quarter of 2009, both the size of the panel price respectively in 2010 in the third quarter fell by 10% and 5%. 'In the second quarter of 2010 and 2010 in the third quarter, falling panel prices, will directly affect the holidays in the fourth quarter of 2010 in the retail price. If the consumer is sensitive to prices is still pretty, this will help the local market demand. 'Concluded Gagnon.
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