Look at the LED display industry 'nuggets' big data!

by:GKGD     2020-04-11
China shenzhen LED display industry development has profound foreground huge strength, product production, market demand, and so on a series of big data is the most intuitive performance industry development. It is obvious that the LED display industry development situation continues to improve, in the next few years will usher in a greater breakthrough. In addition to the LED display industry data on market size, product demand, the industry as a whole LED display many application market, niche data and industry watches, these industry data appears to be chaotic, but by collecting integration, information extraction. Then you will find the information behind the data, to spy out industry market opportunity, help enterprises to seek a bigger development space. LED display industry rise sharply small spacing LED compound growth over the next three years is expected to more than 60% as costs plunged and display effect continued ascension, small spacing in explosive growth, LED display industry and the demand. Small spacing LED alternative splicing screen markets such as the DLP, and currently only instead of 20%. The personage inside course of study introduces, for technology innovation to promote the growth of industry, when market penetration in 20% 50%, the industry will enter the stage. The first outbreak in 2016 is a small distance between the LED, in the next 2-3 years will continue to maintain high growth, 3 year compound growth rate is expected to more than 60%, to 2018 the size of the market is close to ten billion yuan. At present, China shenzhen LED display market present a little distance between the LED display products highly popular in the situation, is expected in the future can still maintain 20% - The steady growth of 30%. 8%, growth slowed markedly in 2015, the Chinese LED chip industry to present a good momentum of development. Entering 2017, benefit from the downstream LED lighting market demand rising, China LED chip industry will continue to present a good momentum of development. Predicts 2017, the Chinese LED epitaxial wafer and chip makers will have more than 230 sets of MOCVD equipment, the LED chip production capacity more than 50% of global production. 10 chip at the same time, according to statistics, 2012 years ago the enterprise market share is about 60%, is now up to 78% of the share, the share of ascension is more noticeable, in the process, many small and medium-sized enterprises gradually withdraw from the market. Conclusion: from the above data shows, the LED display industry development has data on the great changes in all aspects, in 2017, the Chinese LED display industry will usher in a larger outbreak. The small spacing, outdoor display market, sports venues and other fields growth significantly. Under the big data, many LED display companies involved in these areas, open 'nuggets' model. Both m&a development LED display market segment, and increased investment in technology research and development new LED display products, LED display companies surging ahead, walk on the way of positive development. LED display, however, blue ocean market, for many, the real can enter these areas, to obtain a certain industry influence are few and far between, most companies are still in touch stone across the river. LED display enterprises should know that only increase enterprise competitiveness, and strengthen the enterprise strength, in the blue ocean market formed certain self advantages, to achieve a certain result, share a belongs to own market cake.
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