Look for high-end LED display technology breakthrough

by:GKGD     2020-04-13
Look to the LED display market, our country high-end LED large screen display the major breakthroughs in core technologies, to break the abroad in the field of high-end LED large screen display technology blockade and monopoly in our country, the key index reached the international leading level. It is understood that the institute director spring machine and changchun hidayat electronic technology co. , LTD. , joint research, break through the LED large screen display in point by point light chroma parameter acquisition, brightness chromaticity factory and field calibration, display control, high precision gray scale control, test evaluation and industrialized production technology of the bottleneck, the LED large screen display in definition, uniformity, color deviation correction, gray scale control, data transmission, image processing, such as high refresh rate, high resolution technology among the world advanced level. Through the implementation of the subject, undertake unit also developed the LED light color parameter acquisition instrument, LED special comprehensive evaluation platform, set up the LED large screen display shows quality assessment system, boost the LED display in China's capacity for independent innovation; Patent application related to core, more than 40 papers published nearly 20. Project results successively in the national grand theatre 'renewal' performance with oval main screen, the 60th anniversary of National Day 'fabulous' jilin National Day floats abnormity screen, Shanghai bund 'phantom cube' and Shanghai landmarks 'jin MAO tower' outdoor display engineering have clearer defect display in the project application. Of the implementation and application of LED display, to improve the industrialization level of China's high-end LED large screen display and the ability to participate in international competition, establish and perfect the LED technology and testing standards, testing methods and evaluation platform supporting system, promoting the sustainable development of Chinese LED display industry and industrialization to lay the solid foundation and provide strong technical support.
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