Methods to test whether the LED unit board damaged

by:GKGD     2020-04-05
LED electronic display screen is an important part of have the LED unit board, if there is something wrong with the unit board, will directly influence the overall quality of the LED display! So, how to discern the stand or fall of the LED unit board is LED display business concern, the following LED electronic display manufacturers to sort out some of the common way to detect the LED unit board. A, material 1. LED unit board plate some LED unit board manufacturer for low price competition, use cheap flame retardant paper board or single fiber board as the LED PCB circuit board. Because all fiberglass PCB is very expensive. First don't see a difference, usually within a year will because be affected with damp be affected with damp, uv damage and fracture, oxidation and other reasons, causing the LED unit board scrapped. High quality LED unit board must use double full fiberglass PCB board, although the cost is high, but quality is guaranteed. 2. IC device to observe whether the brand of IC device used with consistency. With what type of IC, and with how many IC, these would be enough to affect the quality of the LED unit board. Some LED display manufacturers, in order to save cost, at the time of production unit board would deliberately reduce the number of IC, or with other brand of IC. 3. Lamp beads and chip, is unable to discern the stand or fall of lamp bead to the naked eye. Can only rely on the long time test, aging test is an expert said. LED display manufacturer is commonly: electricity before leaving the factory, check the LED display can be normal operation, is not a long time aging test. Because there are time cost and manpower cost. Second, the welding quality check patch for component leakage is stuck, fault phenomenon, if there is a component pin burr short circuit phenomenon. Check whether direct plug-in solder joints smooth round, board face is clean and tidy, no welding welding leakage. Check light lattice degree of instrumentation and the ink color consistency. Three, the electric power testing ( Refer to the steps that 'performance test report') : the consistency of electric testing luminous dot matrix; (2) the current test whether line drive pipe CEM4953 effective protection; (3) electric testing signal transmission capacity. Above is the common way to detect the LED unit board is good or bad, hope to help in the LED display industry. The other quality is king, refused to cheap and inferior LED display manufacturer also needs to be done, so as not to damage affects normal unit board and subsequent unnecessary maintenance work.
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