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by:GKGD     2020-04-14
Union, LED electronic display: capacitor is a vessel in which can store charge. It is made of two pieces of sheet metal, who get close to separated again with insulation material. According to the insulation material is different, can be made into all kinds of capacitors. Such as: cloud, ceramic dielectric, paper and electrolytic capacitors. On the structure, is divided into fixed capacitor and variable capacitor. Capacitor on the dc resistance of infinity, the capacitor is blocking effect. Capacitor resistance affected by exchange electric frequency of alternating current (ac), the same capacity of capacitors of different frequency alternating current (ac) to present different capacitive reactance. To open it can present the appearance? This is because the capacitor is relying on its charge and discharge function to work. Power drive off s not closed, the capacitor of two pieces of metal plate and other general metal plate is not charged. When switch S closed, the capacitor is the free electrons on the plate was attracted by the power, and pushed to the negative plate. Because capacitance is at a distance of two plates have insulation materials, so ran from the positive plate of the free electrons in the negative plate piled up on top. Positive plate electronic cuts and bring positive and negative plate with negatively charged by electronic gradually add. There is the potential difference between the two plate capacitor, when the potential difference equals the supply voltage, the capacitor will stop charging. At the moment if cut off the power supply, can still insist on charging voltage capacitor. For the charging capacitor, if we use wire connects two plate, because of the potential difference between two plates, electronic will be through a wire, back to the positive plate, until the potential difference between the two plates is zero. Capacitor and rehabilitation to no charge neutral conditions, no current in the conductor. In the high frequency alternating current (ac) on the two plate capacitor, the capacitor charging and discharging number increase. Charge and discharge current is enhanced; That is to say, the capacitor block effect on high frequency alternating current (ac) is reduced, namely small capacitive reactance, whereas capacitor of capacitive reactance in low frequency alternating current (ac) to produce. On the same frequency of alternating current (ac) electricity. The smaller the capacity of the capacitor, the greater the capacitive reactance, the smaller the capacity, the greater the capacitive reactance. United's LED display
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