Must see! The choice of indoor led display specification

by:GKGD     2020-06-28

indoor LED display is finding wider and wider application range, and has become a necessary for many occasions. Indoor LED display has many models, when trying to choose is very confused, don't know what kind of specifications, more suitable for themselves, so, how to choose the indoor LED display specification?

users in the selection of indoor full color LED display specification, first make sure you need full color LED display the size of the width and height, will determine your usual standing in the far distance to see full color LED display, how many your budget. When choosing indoor LED display, a lot of people have an error in the heart, that is the higher the LED display almost syllabic is good, the brighter the brightness, the better, in fact, the most suitable is the best, after all, the real condition of the use of each and every one is not the same.

at present, there are four of the specifications of the conventional indoor LED display, p2 respectively. 5,P3,P4,P5。 Users actually choose what specifications of the indoor LED display, basically see spacing. Spacing is smaller, so the higher pixel density, the smaller the same spacing, pixel will be close. In other words, the P2. Five types of indoor LED display, need to stand in 2. 5 meters distance to watch, so that light see distance is the most clear. If it is p4 specifications of indoor LED display, you need to stand in four meters distance to see. That is to say, choose what size of indoor LED display, basically see the distance we watch each kind of specifications of the screen has a fixed viewing distance.

all in all, people when choosing indoor LED display specification, according to their own using the environment to determine more suitable specifications.

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