Nine skills easily chosen LED display

by:GKGD     2020-06-25

with the continuous development of new media, with more and more significant role, in order to make the customers identify xin food morning, the goods are of good quality photoelectric technical personnel from the point of view of integrated LED display the following nine important project. Nine skills easily chosen LED display specific as follows:

a, brightness:

maximum brightness refers to under certain environmental illumination, LED display all the primary colors in the brightness of the highest grayscale, high brightness. In a nutshell is to use the software USES light gun setting screen is white level 255 in the normal direction of brightness. For outdoor LED display according to the use of the environment, the maximum brightness will have different requirements, because in the case of ambient light is stronger, requires that the brightness of the LED display, in order to let people see clearly shown on the picture content.

2, color temperature

when we see the image on the screen colors do not match with the material or when there are differences, then our images serious distortion, it is associated with LED display color temperature of white balance, if the eye directly to watch the display screen is the white balance between 6500 and 8000 k color temperature value is more appropriate, and if it is used in television display screen, the screen about the actual need to adjust the color temperature to 5500 k, after this broadcast out through video cameras to record on the display picture is real.

three, refresh rate

refresh rate refers to the LED screen display information is full display the number of times per second. Refresh rate is too low, the human eye to watch the LED display will be shaking phenomenon, we usually see scan lines appear when using the camera. High refresh can improve the brightness of the display and vivid effect. Using a digital camera can be detected, if it is a high refresh, camera taking pictures is very clear, no snowflake point and line. This metric is especially important when leasing screen and television.

4, wavelength,

wavelength to determine whether the color is pure, the color is uniform. Resolution method is very simple, first: the whole screen with white, the screen should be pure white, no other noise. The second: red, green, and blue monochrome, central wavelength of the color is we say at ordinary times is blue is red is green, if the color of the darker or lighter, proved to be a partial wavelength.

the perspective of five, the luminous tube

luminous tube of the brightness of the light perspective refers to the observation direction down to half of the LED display normal brightness, the same plane of two observation direction and normal direction Angle. Divided into horizontal and vertical perspective. For outdoor LED advertising display generally use glowing oval tube or patch light-emitting tube, oval luminous tube with a small Angle, high brightness, etc, and vertical perspective of patch luminous tube greater than the oval tube, but its brightness than the ellipse light-emitting tube, from the perspective of users should be according to the feeling of LED display and the light of the surrounding environment to choose a different perspective of luminous tube.

6, the circuit design part

the design and circuit board materials and display effect to the stability of the LED display has a vital role. Under normal circumstances, the heavier the better. 2, several key points: the design of connector, connector refers to the connection between modules and modules, with more in the market now there are two main types, one is the horn, is a row of stitches. Horn has the advantage of using two screens to get stuck line, not easy for connector problems caused by the fault; The electrolytic capacitor and the choice of tantalum capacitor, for long life, tantalum capacitor is preferred, for occasions with low requirements, electrolytic capacitor is preferred.

7, automated production equipment

full color LED display inside most of electronic components, and static electricity for electronic components have the very big harm, sometimes electrostatic breakdown components of direct damage, sometimes it does not directly breakdown, but left hidden trouble, brings the side effects of components is damaged after use for a period of time.

eight, the average power consumption

LED display power usually have two indicators, one is the largest power consumption, one is to use the power consumption. Maximum power consumption refers to the LED display brightness of power consumption, how to distinguish the size of the largest power consumption with eyes? Method is very simple: look at the number of power behind casing, multiplied by the maximum power of each power supply, according to the size of box body is square meters maximum power consumption can be calculated, there are two kinds of the use of the general power supply, power 200 w and 300 w.

9, indoor small spacing selection of

low light high ash low ash, high specific explanation is: the small distance between the brightness of the LED display range in the 100 CD/O - 300 CD/O range, the display of grayscale no loss, or loss to the gray level within the scope of the human eye is difficult to detect.

that is photoelectric technology personnel to introduce the nine skills easily chosen LED display, full-color displays according to use different divided into indoor and outdoor environment. In full color in the distance between the LED screen pixels, the characteristics of classification is much, and the scale of the industry at present specification.

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