On large outdoor screen application scenario

by:GKGD     2020-04-09
Lian sen photoelectric on large outdoor screen application scenarios ( 1) Building curtain wall city building curtain wall, mainly concentrated in the busy parts of the city, such a huge amount of architectural curtain wall entities, outdoor media advertising is a huge potential market, the market value of the advertising has not been fully developed, under the condition of urban outdoor advertising resources increasingly depleted, glass curtain wall is a new blue ocean field. The scope of the field is very wide, such as urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, airports, auto 4 s shops, hotels, Banks, such as chain of advertising business value glass curtain wall buildings. ( 2) Municipal engineering through the intersection in the busy streets, large parks, large commercial centre, subway, high-speed road and other foot traffic areas and important municipal places LED display, municipal department for release of the information and publicity. ( 3) Sports events LED display is very important in the field of sports venues, can provide real-time and good for the game screen playback enables the audience to better appreciate the game, at the same time can also provide help the referee made the correct video replay sanction, reduce unnecessary disputes, ensure that the result of the game more fair and just, also can be used for athletes is introduced, the result of the match information display and broadcast of commercial advertising, function is very wide, whether it is the Olympic Games, the World Cup, various kinds of events involve the application of full color LED display screen, full-color LED display screen has become including football field, basketball stadium, Tian Jingguan all sorts of modern sports venues such as the necessary facilities, with the development of sports industry, the demand is growing. ( 4) Stage setting in all kinds of style, performance, the party LED display has become a foil atmosphere performances, the tools of show better stage effect. On the one hand, the LED display can be carried out on the live event live and playback, makes the distance of the audience can also enjoy performances, clearly is more important is can use the LED display show stage effects, to expand the performance space, foil stage atmosphere, deeper into the theme of each program style, in the Spring Festival gala, concerts and other large stage performances are extremely important.
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