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by:GKGD     2020-04-29
Olympic wukesong basketball stadium, the bird's nest stadium and water cube pool of LED large screen believe have to a global audience left a deep impression, with the world expo and the approach of the universiade, the LED display will be widely applied to the more sports venues and road traffic signals. And with the sports venues and outdoor advertising is an increasing demand for full color LED display screen, full-color LED display in the overall market share will continue to expand. full color LED display screen in general can be divided into static screen and scan two kinds, outdoor LED display mostly adopts the static screen, most use sweep 2 screen. Indoor LED display due to some small spacing, generally use 2 or more sweeping the scanning screen ( Scanning screen refers to a driver output corresponding to several points on the screen, corresponding 4 sweep is 4) 。 Currently used in road traffic instructions large screen LED display screen is monochrome static, such as the European highway sign is generally USES white LED display. Current suppliers (Europe and Japan Like a Lighthouse, mitsubishi and Swarco) Make outdoor large traffic with the best quality LED display screen, China now seems only Shanghai think twice about doing outdoor LED display, traffic market performance is not very prominent. 'Asia LED display manufacturers are now largely unable to enter Europe and the United States highway market, because their product is difficult to reach the European traffic display EN12966 standard specification. 'Gather ( 宏模块) , 'said the chairman of the board of directors of the company Yang Lichang large outdoor LED display screen design is a comprehensive technical challenge, not only need to do not dead, but also needs in optical design, system reliability, mechanical robustness, lightning protection has outstanding performance and prevent overheating. Of the outdoor LED display design challenges in addition to must abide by the EN12966 standard, is how to maintain consistency, to reduce the maintenance cost as much as possible. 'EN12966 specification is the eu countries to set up a technical threshold, and Norway all into the eu countries and Switzerland road traffic indicates the LED display market must meet EN12966 standard requirements, the specification requirements through the following six testing: visual performance testing, electrical performance test, structure test, physical testing, electromagnetic compatibility test. Swarco VMS products of the company manager Lars MichEL said. But along with the increase of product differentiation demand and the emergence of high-end application market, large full color LED display screen is an inevitable design trends and development direction, but its design difficulty. 'In addition to the optical and thermal design challenges, large full color LED display screen main development difficulty is how to solve the problem of color piece, the color and brightness non-uniformity. 'Yang Lichang points out,' the cause of color piece have drive different gears, the LED chip and LED aging, the causes of uneven color and brightness in addition to the above three, and drive chip great error in the output current. So if you want to make a high quality full color full color LED display screen, must choose the same level of the LED and driver chips with high resolution, but only by doing so, it is impossible to solve the most difficult LED aging inequality problem, the problem must eventually a point to point correction method to solve it. 'As the high-grade LED full-color displays tend to be more competitive, the LED brightness uniformity and strict requirements of color accuracy, by screening the quality of the LED light have been unable to conform to the requirements; Therefore, in view of each LED for point-to-point correction in order to enhance LED display quality, has become a trend. Point to proofreading is accumulated in LED technology for circuit and China international symposium on display of the latest technology, it requires controller, image sensor ( Or light gun) And complex algorithm can be realized, and the principle of which is to keep the same drive current but by adjusting the conduction of each point in time to ensure the brightness uniformity, because at the same driving voltage down the color of the LED light is the same. Now gather latest MBI5040 support 8-bit digital point correction function.
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