Outdoor LED display in shenzhen on the load is not a few big reason

by:GKGD     2020-04-13
When using outdoor LED display in shenzhen, often appear the phenomenon of fail to load. Shenzhen LED display manufacturers the treasure electrons from the following several aspects to analyze the shenzhen LED display can't load. 1, check whether the jumper cap is loose or fall off; If the jumper cap without loose phenomenon, please make sure the jumper cap in the right direction. 2, check and confirm that used to connect to the controller's serial port for straight line, not cross line. 3, check and confirm the serial ports on both ends of the cable is in good condition and no loose or falls off phenomenon. 4, contrast shenzhen LED display control software and control card of their selection to choose the right product model, the transmission mode of right, the correct serial number, the right serial transmission rate and control software available to dial the code switch figure set correctly on the control system hardware address bits and serial transmission rate. 5, to ensure that the control system hardware has been correctly to electricity. 6, as there is still a loaded after the above check and correction, please use multimeter measure, whether the connection of computer or the control system hardware serial port is damaged. To confirm whether they should get back the computer control system hardware return detection or manufacturer. Anyhow, shenzhen LED display loaded abnormal reason, it is possible that the product itself, it is possible that you in use process caused by the improper operation. As long as thinking about or ask factory, it's easy to find the root cause of the problem.
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