Outdoor LED display ( Module) Daily maintenance instructions

by:GKGD     2020-04-14
Outdoor LED display ( Module) Daily maintenance instructions: 1, the module for not more than light or there are exceptions: check the first piece of abnormal signal direction module ribbon cable and power cable is well connected, such as no LED light module, indicates no power input, please check the power supply part ( Can use multimeter to check) , such as design and color, There are color chaos window) Indicates no signal input module, please check the first piece of abnormal module line input whether contact closely, can be repeated testing, if the problem still can change the new line. 2, the single mode group not bright: check whether the module of power supply is good, mainly is to check module on whether there is a power socket is loose. Such as the whole module appear inconsistent color chaos or color ( But a signal input, the right picture) Is the poor contact of the signal transmission line counties, plug line, or change the tested wire. If change the good line still have the same problem, please see whether PCB interface problems. 3, single lamp not bright problem detection: the multimeter to check the LED whether damaged, if the light is broken as the following 5 items in the lamp. Specific lamp method: beat multimeter to X1 resistor, pointer multimeter black pens and connect the LED anode, red pens and connect the cathode ( Negative Numbers table black pen, red pen is) If the LED light, the test lamp is good, and if the light is not on, the test lamp is bad. 4, LED the bad points of maintenance ( Out of control point) : after a single lamp testing identified as the LED damage, depending on the actual demand, selective adopts the following maintenance methods. Maintain positive: with corresponding models of screwdriver (removing fixed mask screw from the front To keep good screws) , take off the mask, in the light ( Please change a lamp method according to the following change light) , after the changing light and colloid seals, will recover the original mask, tighten the screws ( Please pay attention not to pressure lamp on screw) And finally please gel residue on the surface of LED carefully remove colloid. Maintenance: on the back with the corresponding models of screwdriver to remove from the back of the screw ( To keep good screws) , pull the signal line, for safety please don't pull the power cable, to prevent accidental, carefully remove modules from sheet metal hole, move to the back box, and then according to the positive maintenance methods of maintenance in the single module lights ( Please change a lamp method according to the following change light) Or the other. 5, in the light: will damage the LED colloid with sharp tools (around Such as tweezers) To get rid of, and make the LED stitches show clearly in the line of sight, the right hand with clips the LED tweezers, left hand with the soldering iron ( Temperature about 40 degrees, high temperature will cause damage to the LED) Solder contact, and do a bit to stay ( Not more than 3 seconds, such as over time but does not meet the requirements of disassembly, please retry again after cooling) The solder melts, LED off with tweezers. Will meet the requirements of the LED lamp correctly inserted into a hole in the PCB, ( Leds long foot for the positive, short feet for the anode, the square hole on the PCB for LED anode pins jack, 'hole' for the LED the cathode pins jack) , a little tin wire melting and sticking on the soldering iron head, adjust the LED direction with forceps, make it smooth, connected the soldering welding in the LED and PCB, with the same type of colloid ( PH = 7) Sealed LED.
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