Outdoor LED display project case enjoy all over the world

by:GKGD     2020-04-20
Objectively, outdoor advertising, if enough big, big to let a person cannot be ignored, in fact, not all need to digital. If you are in a city landmark of owning a piece of advertising space, then, to a certain extent, you have to compete digital media capital. In Europe, with a focus on the big outdoor media company, called BlowUP, they invented in 1992, the concept of outdoor billboard ready to tens of thousands of square meters, no biggest, only bigger! On this one, should be in constant change, BlowUP it laid the river's lake's unique position in the outdoor. , of course, as the evolution of The Times, the city, clients, customers, competitors have changed, BlowUP know, outdoor just big enough, so be proper innovation, on the basis of the big to do big and good. Such as on big do some special processing. Or the key points to upgrade to digital screen, watching movies, play interactive. 。 。 。 。 。 Such advertising, can let a person feel not ads, but in the city, become a part of life. BlowUP positioning is very clear from the start - — Large outdoor, although there will be changes in form, but location has not changed. This is the most original and outdoor nature, outdoor media, the only big outdoor is one of the few remaining traditional mass media, can enlarge dimensional spread effect of brands and products, in such an era of fragmentation, large outdoor still has unparalleled visual effect. Although large outdoor counterbalance digital media, the traditional big outdoor will certainly continue to exist, but if it digital, will no doubt. The world big outdoor full color LED display case 1. New York's times square 2. The world's largest projection screen 3 in Las Vegas. Samsung Madrid outdoor full color LED display 4. Britain's Piccadilly Circus
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