Outdoor LED display screen of choose and buy consider some more than indoor LED display

by:GKGD     2020-04-14
Outdoor media advertising in fact always exists in the form of a variety of, is a former streets are print advertising posters, then all kinds of banner, light boxes, roll up, etc. , the change of outdoor advertising effect on the outdoor LED display, melody with the advantage of increased advertising audience, making it easier to remember. But in the choice of outdoor LED display, it is need to consider some factors more than choose indoor LED display and lian sen photoelectric according to his many years of experience, analysis of outdoor LED display to do the following: 1, outdoor LED display, save electricity and energy saving in vigorously promoting energy conservation and environmental protection of the current society, outdoor LED display for its energy saving features favored by users, compared with the traditional display device, to save energy about 50%, if the usage, save electricity is a lot of harvest. 2, outdoor LED display screen display effect is good LED display in the picture color and pictures of delicate degree than traditional display device. LED display with high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, high resolution to ensure the high quality of the advertising images can present; High brightness, to ensure the direct sunlight can clearly show the picture; High contrast is the picture color is uniform and fine image. And automatic brightness adjustment function to ensure the advertising screen in all weather has very good display effect. 3, wide perspective of outdoor LED display from the screen itself, outdoor displays visual Angle is large, perspective is wide, the positive side you can see the contents of the screen. Secondly. Screen viewing distance, and remote viewing has better visual effect, the picture is more fluent, distance from the point of view, outdoor displays have more audience, more enough to let more people see the contents of advertisements at the same time, and combined with the transmission of voice, make almost any outdoor displays. 4, outdoor LED display screen has a very strong environment adaptability it we know outdoor displays sunny rain is normal playback, which requires the display has a strong environment adaptiveness. Normally, outdoor LED display has its own protection grade, and resistant to weather display its protection grade reaches IP65 it at least. Of course can do it better environment resistance will be stronger.
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