Outdoor LED electronic display current driven design principle explanation

by:GKGD     2020-04-13
LED electronic display screen as the biggest outdoor application products, is a large entertainment and sporting events, square big screen places such as indispensable products, from simple single and double color words show to today's high-definition full-color display technology has been in progress, 80% of the world's LED electronic display screen are produced in our country. Display quality guarantee stability of current design. 16 bit shift the origin of the constant current IC: double color is the main display text on the screen, single-chip computer scanning is more convenient, due to an increase in the number of LED, in order to save the O/I resources, using scanning displacement of 74 hc595 are needed. In order to more suitable for the application of the LED on the basis of the integration of the function of constant current is set, increase the current driving ability, more in line with the need of demand and cost and encapsulate the 16-bit device, are widely used in the full color. Earlier, the decrease of current drive capacity TLC5940 single drive current capacity up to 120 ma, then TB62726, ST2221, MBI5026 reduced to 80 - current driving ability 90mA。 Now basically is to use 45 ma current driving ability, such as MBI5024 and CYT62726. Current driving ability is reduced, the main reason is that the LED luminous intensity is higher and higher, in order to improve image quality, static screen design, are used more and more demand for drive current capacity is reduced. From the perspective of the IC cost can reduce chip size, thereby reducing costs, designed for this 25 ma CYT62727 static screen driver chip. At present there are 80% of the global sourcing LED screen from mainland China, generally used 16-channel constant current devices design, in the short term will continue to continue, at least the next five years will not disappear, mainly supporting control technology is mature, the product has been serialized, unless the system control technology and chip driver design has a huge leap, further reduce the cost, otherwise the situation will not change. In recent years, many companies continuously introduce new architecture, has been recognized by the market in the future. The biggest problem is that by controlling the technology, if change the LED color consistency. Where there are many technical lacking in our country, the government of shenzhen LED display the support of the enterprise, make many indoor LED display manufacturers are actively invested technology research and development, at present all the LED display manufacturer to apply for the independent research and development of patent; Some of the applications of LED chips on the market in our country, suggests that the technology appeared in progress and prosperity of the LED industry in China.
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