Overseas trapped LED companies appeared to domestic LED display market

by:GKGD     2020-05-02
With various application market continuously open, the led display industry development and get rid of the bad situation, the momentum of performance is good, but not for long, and a constant trade disputes between Europe and the United States this year, colonel qaddafi, Iran's oil embargo and Syrian foreign representation problem, and so on, are made by the battle for oil. On January 5, Iran's foreign ministry issued a statement, if its formal sanctions by western countries, is likely to lead to global crude oil prices more than doubled. Once this statement officially become a reality, will be to the fragile global economy is in the development of China's LED industry even fatal blow. Now the led display screen has been widely applied to various fields, such as sports, advertising, finance, exhibition, transportation, and fashion wedding application is very extensive. Is now a variety of outdoor places can see all kinds of large made of led display billboards, in addition the taxi industry, major traffic arteries and even check of speeding electronic police began to application of led display products, has been able to match the international technology level of Chinese led display technology has entered a stage of development. Only domestic led display market has just opened, the domestic market conditions has not yet fully mature, therefore the development enterprise still need to rely on exports to support mass production. But since this year the global economic crisis continues to develop, and accompanied by the outbreak of the European sovereign debt crisis, causes the entire social and economic environment continues to show a weak state, Europe and the United States before prepares for the led display project are rapidly referrals, leads to worry about their purchasing power of many customers in the led lighting products for fear of the hands of the led display unsalable, lose large quantities of replenish onr's stock of desire. Although compared with foreign similar products, technology has reached international level of the market competition of the domestic led display industry has a unique advantage, but now the global economic crisis has not yet been completely relieve, various unfavorable factors still exist, but now in developing the led display market is not yet mature, western countries all kinds of unstable factors caused by weak global market is likely to cause heavy blow to the current development of the domestic led display.
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