Points and norm of LED display more than a screen picture system solutions

by:GKGD     2020-04-17
High CREATOR and LED display screen display system is committed to solve the same screen display multiple images at the same time, realizing every painting not overlap and any alternate combination, to achieve more than a screen picture, user can custom LED display video picture in picture image size and location and special effects. The system adopts the embedded DSP technology and embedded 32 bit more groups of independent processing engine, is a powerful graphics processing capabilities, more rich and colorful pictures. Can be widely used in sports venues, municipal square, concerts, railway stations, airports and other places. High CREATOR and full color LED display screen display system using Genum company top graphics processing IC, realize nonstandard format output, horizontal vertical image can be independent zooming, 24 bit image of OSD, PIPPOPPBP formats such as graphics, can be individually adjust the brightness and contrast of RGB tricolor, can independence to adjust parameters such as RGB trichromatic Gamma curve. At the same time, also with virtual pixels, gamma correction processing technology, can make screen display color more vivid, uniform. High in addition, the CREATOR and full color LED display screen display system of video interface using broadcast professional video interface, can support input SD/SD/HD / 3 gsdi HDSDI and output, the biggest can reach 1920 x1080p HD resolution images. In terms of signal switching function, can realize the seamless switching signal source article reached fades, edge fusion, flip display effect. CREATOR and high LED screen picture more demo figure CREATOR high and full color LED display screen display system function is introduced: 1, the system adopts the embedded
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