Price calculation method for large electronic display screens

by:GKGD     2021-05-21

Determine the size of the large electronic display according to the actual location. The actual position, actual measurement, and the size of the display screen are determined according to the specifications and parameters of the display screen.

The overall beautiful design of the display screen, determine the size of the frame size of the display screen. Select the frame of the display screen according to the surrounding environment. Determine the control method of the display. Choose according to the customer's control requirements.

How do LED electronic display manufacturers quote prices for large electronic displays?

Project price of the display u003d screen price * screen area + control system cost + frame The cost of the structure + the cost of transportation and installation + the cost of the power distribution system including the power line, data line + steel frame and civil engineering costs + taxes

1) How to calculate the screen area:

Screen areau003dscreen length*screen height

screen lengthu003dlength of selected unit board*number of unit boards

screen heightu003dall Select the height of the cell board * the number of blocks of the cell board

2) The calculation method of the control system: the offline control height of the general display screen does not exceed 256 pixels and the control length does not exceed 1024 pixels .

The synchronization control system is composed of a computer, DVI and VGA dual-function graphics display card, display data sending card, dedicated data connection line, data receiving card (N sheets), etc. Generally, the control points of the indoor single and double color display screens are not more than 512 points, and the length is not more than 1024 points. Use one receiving card to use one, it is OK.

This is a comprehensive cost, which is troublesome to calculate. It is necessary to design the installation location diagram and CAD steel frame structure diagram in advance to list the types, quantities and specifications of the materials used. Labor and mechanical costs of civil engineering.

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