Prolong the service life of the indoor led display, this is enough time!

by:GKGD     2020-07-04

indoor full color LED display in the more and more frequently used in life, is also very extensive USES, such as conference, advertising, the board will be used, but there is one problem is that we are very concerned about, is how can prolong service life, and how to conduct daily maintenance? Only need to pay attention to these points is enough!

1, from the use of the environment factor, the influence on indoor led screen slightly smaller, because indoor temperature difference would not be so big, there will be no rain and snow weather, don't have to worry about the sun exposure. But if it is outdoor, must pay attention to the wind rain, direct sunlight can accelerate display aging, can add some shade cloth, cover, etc. , to facilitate protection at any time.

2, around the influence of the use of material

except with light emitting parts around the screen also need to use other parts, such as circuit, shell, power supply, lug plate parts, on the choice of these parts should not be ignored, sometimes a small parts out of the question, will directly affect the service life of the , also want to choose the qualified components.

3, the manufacturer's process influence

in the manufacturer of the is very much, should choose to pass strict quality control, technology, good reputation reputation manufacturer for shopping, because of some manufacturers in the display production process each link of control quality is better, good process will use longer.

4, the influence of the led light parts

choose good quality light, can largely reduce the loss, use time will be extended, some still can enter, waterproof gas resistant to the effects of the sun.

as long as strictly grasp the above a few dimension, indoor can increase the using time, improve the service life!

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