Promising new household LED bulbs LED power fully

by:GKGD     2020-05-06
Singular ( GE) Lighting division GELighting, President and CEO MichaelPetras in to accept an interview, the company in the next decade will be up to 75% of revenue from LED products, far less than 10%. , he said, with prices falling, consumer demand for LED bulbs also gradually increase. Is slated in November to launch its first instead of GE 40-watt incandescent bulbs household LED bulbs, power consumption is only 9 watt, life for 22 years, sells for about $50. Petras said that 10 years household LED bulbs retail price will be lower than $10. Us law 100 - watt incandescent bulbs ( IncandescentBulb) Must be halted in 2012, other luminous rate lower incandescent light bulbs will soon stop production. U. S. stocks LED 13 were called up. The Philadelphia semiconductor index and light-emitting diode ( 领导) Upstream CreeInc grain manufacturing companies. Rose 3. 98%, 54. On September 29, 62 dollars, and since the closing high. Philadelphia constituents and organic metal chemical vapor deposition system. Equipment company VeecoInstrumentsInc. In 10. 8% to 41. Crown of $3, or in the 30 stocks, and gen since August 4, closing high. MOCVD equipment company AixtronAG rose 10. 77% to 31. $78, and since July 27 closing high. Cree, managing director of the Hong Kong company Li Shiyi on October 13 to work institute organized 'BBS' LED lighting industry development, points out that the giant philips lighting brand to the global LED lighting penetration forecasts, from 2% last year, up to 5% this year By 6% and forecast LED lighting penetration will reach 50% in 2015. Means that the 2011 - In 2012, the global LED lighting market penetration will be more than 10%. And according to the research, when a product penetration rate reached 10% 15%, the penetration rate will accelerate. On August 11, the New York times reported that the global leading TheHomeDepot home repair supplies retail, Inc. Start selling a unit price on the website only 19. $97, equivalent to 40 w brightness EcoSmart series LED bulbs, entity outlets are on sale in September. HomeDepot partner is located in Florida LightingScienceGroup; The Florida manufacturer is also the national space administration ( NASA) The contractors. HomeDepot spokesman pointed out that the LED bulbs started to launch the popular, even has been out of stock.
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