Pseudo 3 d titles corrupt mouth 2 d to 3 d has no practical significance

by:GKGD     2020-05-07
In 2010 the first year is known as 3 d, 3 d TV in 2010 after got rapid development, some foreign and domestic manufacturers have also introduced a 3 d product. However, because the problem of 3 d content, 3 d TV sales in the market is not ideal, become the biggest bottleneck of 3 d television content. Corrupt pseudo 3 d titles 3 d word of mouth is a 3 d film according to the human eye observe things, the method of synchronization was filmed by using two cameras, two cameras image representative of left and right two eyes and saw the image; When people watch a 3 d image, with the corresponding 3 d glasses will be double overlap, thus showing elegantly coherent stereo images, let the audience have immersive magic illusion. Real 3 d movie need professional photography camera equipment, long production period and high development cost. Although 3 d technology is mature, but there are a lot of convenience, or don't want to spend more money, in 2 d method, then using computer software to image separated layers and staggered a little, so as to realize the three-dimensional effect. These 'pseudo 3 d' production time is short, technology does not reach the designated position, color saturation is low, the lack of depth, the 3 d effect is very rough. First is the domestic large Sue a beggar, twenty minutes 3 d fragments anodyne to see the audience; Followed by the 'Alice in wonderland', although the theme is flattering, but it still escapes 'let a person look sleepy' evaluation; In April, claiming to import 3 d blockbuster 'the clash of the titans is poor because of the 3 d effect will' 3 d 'top off. Due to the film only the introduction of the 3 d version without the 2 d version, high price, some viewers call themselves as 'pseudo 3 d movie' kidnapping. Although the 3 d industry facing the biggest problem is the lack of content, but none of this means going to indulge in '3 d' content, through the computer in the 2 d to 3 d in post-production, often shortness and rough. The long run, the producers of this predisposition is not conducive to the development of 3 d movies, for future development of the 3 d industry has a vile indeed. Flat-panel TV 2 d to 3 d has no practical significance at present, some brands have introduced which has the function of 2 d to 3 d flat TV product, through this function can be normal 2 d sources into 3 d sources. In the case of 3 d sources scarce, this function seems to be compromise, but in fact there is no need for any this functionality. Flat TV 2 d to 3 d function is through internal calculation software, it is the same as the method to realize the pseudo 3 d sources, in effect even better. To reduce the cost of the film quality to implement and can't let people have stereo feeling 'pseudo 3 d' effect, do more harm than good. 'The clash of the titans, for example, if only to a normal 2 d movie standards, the quality of the production is not bad, but the audience had to watch the' 3 d ', the film color saturation and clarity compared to 2 d, not rise but lower quality. 'Avatar' director James Cameron has angrily rejected: production companies are not willing to spend a lot of money in technology, but only depends on the computer late synthesis practice, is not only deceive audiences, and backward of film technology. He spoke, 'simple transformation may be more harm than good, losing the audience can make 3 d movies. 'Lu Renbo, deputy secretary-general of China electronic chamber of commerce also think, 3 d means a system of industrial chain, but the need to input is large, and the current 3 d content is insufficient, and there is no standard in a 3 d TV, therefore, appear some jagged also belongs to the normal condition. But 'pseudo 3 d movie,' may be harmful to 3 d TV promotion. For flat screen TV, if there is no 3 d content temporarily, consumers can choose watch ordinary 2 d program. Moreover, with the development of the 3 d industry, content construction will keep up with the hardware development. By then, 3 d sources problems will be readily solved, flat-panel TV 2 d to 3 d function just increases the cost.
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