Restricting the five factors of outdoor LED electronic display advertising market

by:GKGD     2020-05-07
Outdoor LED electronic display screen with the continuous development of technology, the scope of application is becoming more and more widely, especially used in outdoor advertising market, but also like the flood unstoppable. According to the domestic well-known research institutions of outdoor advertising market in China in recent years, according to the survey data of 2015 outdoor advertising market continues to maintain a steady growth in our country, 26 growth than in 2014. 2% ( Including traditional and all kinds of new type of outdoor advertising) 。 In addition to the traditional single show kind of outdoor media fell 7%, decline in bus mobile TV 32. 6%, other outdoor media have varying degrees of growth. Building LCD advertising growth 27%; And LED electronic display reached 55. Growth of 6%, the airport outside the growth rate is as high as 39%. Business services, post and communications, entertainment, leisure, transportation, and drinks are still five main outdoor advertising industry, maintain stable growth. In addition to real estate, electronics, and personal items such as outdoor advertising growth significantly. With the development of the technology progress, digital outdoor gradually into the mainstream, now pay more attention to the content of outdoor advertising originality, technical lead and interactive experience. And perfect in the field of mobile payments related, outdoor media will eventually realize the function of direct sales, thus promote product sales. Although outdoor LED electronic display advertising market in China has achieved rapid development, but there is still a restriction on the market at present the industry further development factor has the following five aspects: first, the LED market chaos. Now outdoor LED advertising market competition, the disorder is not obvious, some of the large enterprise technical level is high, well made though the quality of the product turn out, but the cost is higher, the price is high, and many small and medium-sized enterprises in order to gain more market share, have to produce low quality products, so as to make the whole industry produced 'bad money drive out good money phenomenon. Second, setting the advertising planning. As countries continue to push forward urbanization, outdoor advertising is gradually expand to the second and third tier cities, but in the cities of outdoor advertising optional Settings still occur. Not only destroyed the harmony of city environment, beautiful, and easier to cause the government departments of large-scale renovation, at the same time, the advertising company itself during the period has also been a great deal of influence. Third, outdoor advertising enterprise fragmentation. Now the outdoor advertising business of fragmentation phenomenon is quite serious, scattered in a region of the state needs to be further improved, a lot of outdoor media advertising company itself single resource variety, lack of scale and network, can't effectively media integration, so as to adapt to the age of the Internet, multimedia transmission requirements. Fourth, the industry standardization system is not sound. Domestic outdoor advertising industry standard and unified all kinds of media value assessment system is still not set up a sound, this leads to the current major enterprises, lack of professional guidance of data, also lack scientific advertising effect evaluation after release. At the same time, the industry is not standard, and led to the market price, discount system chaos, black-box things happen frequently, such as not only damage the credibility of many companies and operation, also for the healthy development of the industry caused great damage. Fifth, lack of innovation. As a result of the industry market 'low cost, price war of vicious competition and the lack of innovation spirit. And the service quality of many enterprises is lower, and new technology, new materials, the use of new technology is insufficient and lack of service, thus the poor management of the enterprise, it is difficult to effectively meet the needs of advertisers.
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