SCM LED display control system design on LED display data organization

by:GKGD     2020-04-06
From beginning to end, we began the long LED display knowledge exchange and learning. Today we talk about LED outside of the system control design considerations, hope can let everybody know LED knowledge deeply. Mainly for SCM LED display control system design is introduced, for detailed instructions for you. Need to display the area is less than or equal to the actual display area, the static display. But most of the time need to display area is greater than or equal to the actual display area, as shown in figure 1. In order to simplify the analysis of the problem, this paper sets the display area height to 4 times the height of led display, the width is equal to the width of the led display. The height of Lh, screen width for Lw, the display area high Dh = 4 Lh, width of Dw = Lw. Based on monochrome display as object of description and Bw = Bn = 8 ( Bw for scanning line number, Bn for the output data width) 。 For a LED display, the width of Lw and highly Lh is determined, the display unit board arrangement is confirmed. YBw - 1. Each Sw line corresponding to a display data, each point on the screen corresponds to a byte in memory of one. Sen photoelectric warm remind everybody, whether installation LED display or LED display production process, be sure to remember that LED related matters needing attention, safety operation carefully. Thank you to share together, next time more exciting topic of LED display, waiting for you to play.
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