Several key technology of LED large screen display

by:GKGD     2020-04-08
With the development of a variety of media coverage has been widely in recent years, more and more exposed public information display number. How to choose the suitable LED large screen display, need to understand, consider the following several key technology. 1, image acquisition technology LED electronic display screen, it was concluded that the principle of image is transformed into image signal and digital signal through the light system. Traditional approach is to use the video acquisition card combined with VGA card display function. The role of video acquisition card is mainly to collect video image, and with the aid of VGA line frequency, field frequency, pixel index address, main way to get digital signal by copying the color lookup table. Generally available real-time replication software or hardware to steal, steal way more efficient compared to hardware. But traditional methods with VGA compatibility issues, and thus lead to adverse situation, such as edge blur and poor image quality, resulting in electronic display image quality. 2, real images color rendering principle of full color LED electronic display screen on the visual performance is similar to the TV, in three colors: red, green and blue effective combination different color reproduction reproduce the image. Red, green and blue three colors pure degree will directly affect the image color reproduction. It's important to note that the image in the representation is not a random combination of red, green and blue three colors, and needs certain premise. First of all, red, green and blue three colors can the ratio of the light intensity is nigh unto 3:6:1; Secondly compared to other people in the visual will be red, two colors have certain sensitivity, so you need to red spread evenly on the display space. Third because of people's vision for red, green and blue three colors light intensity curve of different nonlinear response, so need different light intensity on the white light to correct the TV inside shoot the light. 4 different people in different cases, the differences of color resolution, so we must find out the objective index of color reproduction, the wavelength of red, green, blue three primary colors: 660 nm, 525 nm and 470 nm; The white light is preferred (use 4 tube cell More than 4 tube can also, depending on light intensity) ; Three primary colors gray level 256; Nonlinear correction must be used to deal with the LED pixel. Red, green and blue three colors light distribution control system can be realized by the hardware system, so that they can match the corresponding software system. 3 LED display manufacturer, specialized real driving circuit of the current pixel tube classify several ways mainly include: ( 1) Scan driver; ( 2) Dc drive; ( 3) Constant current source driver. According to different requirements of the screen, adopting the way of scanning is different. Lattice screen for indoor, mainly adopts scanning method, for outdoor pixel tube, in order to guarantee the image of stability and clarity, dc drive way, must be used for scanning device with a constant current. 4, brightness control D/T conversion technology of LED electronic display has many independent pixel permutation and combination ways, based on the feature of separate between pixels, LED electronic display light-emitting control drive mode can only through the digital signal form. When the pixel light-emitting, its luminous state mainly controlled by the controller, and realize independent drive. When video need presents a color, means that every pixel brightness and color to get effective control, and finish requirements within the given time synchronous scanning operation. Some large LED electronic screen tens of thousands of pixels, the complexity in the process of color control has greatly increased, so the data transmission put forward higher requirements. For each pixel in the process of actual control set D/A is not realistic, so must find out an effective solution to control complex pixel system. 5, data reconstruction and storage technology of the current storage group organization mainly has two kinds, one is for the combination method of pixel, the screen all pixels are stored in a single storage in the body, another for a plane method, namely the picture all pixels are stored in different storage in the body. Storage body multiple use direct effect is to be able to read a variety of pixel information, two kinds of organization. The above two kinds of storage structure of a plane method has more advantages, in the ascent LED screen display effect when the effect is better. Through data reconstruction circuit to realize the transformation of RGB data, will have different pixel organic combination with power and in the adjacent storage structure. LED large screen 6, the traditional ISP technology in the design of logic circuit of LED electronic display control circuit mainly adopts the conventional digital circuit design, the combination of digital circuit is adopted in the general way. The traditional technology in circuit design part after the completion of the first circuit board production process, the finished to start the installation related components and debugging results. When the circuit logic function can't load actual demand should be made anew, until its use effect is satisfied. Traditional design method, therefore, not only in effect has a certain chanciness, and design cycle is long, the influence of various process effectively, when the element failure maintenance difficulties, the high cost.
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