Shandong led display how to change the information?

by:GKGD     2020-06-28

shandong led display when you need to choose a few more when choosing normal reliable manufacturer, such also will be better in after-sale services, and also on the quality of the products the better, therefore, in the use of life here will be longer some, can achieve the effect will be better.

when in actual use in shandong led display information changes the sometimes is not very clear. Here you can use computer to change the information directly, we need to make screens and computer connection between them, so you can directly open the control display software, you only need to set the display parameters successfully directly, so you can edit the corresponding information for delivery.

there is everybody can use the USB interface for data changes, mainly use of the information transfer function of the USB, when used here will be more convenient, also can help you save a lot of time, and you can use USB to change the information, here we can use the USB control card, you can download in software menu bar, so you can directly to the corresponding information effectively save, later, after we will need to correct information for copy after replacement.

change in either way, in the concrete operation is relatively simple. Change the information in the data, it is can be choose according to their actual needs, which is applicability is higher, basically is to see ourselves.

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