Share the LED display the characteristic of the electromagnetic radiation

by:GKGD     2020-04-17
Good evening, welcome you bring happy mood to sen photoelectric LED display screen interactive platform. Tonight the good interaction, is from your participation. We share a lot in front of the common knowledge of relevant LED display, tonight on main share under LED display the characteristic of the electromagnetic radiation, thank you hope you interested. full color LED display electromagnetic radiation characteristics of the electromagnetic radiation focused on 30 MHZ - 400 mhz。 MEC both theory and experiment prove that display of electromagnetic radiation from high-speed IC control card, switching power supply, flat cable connectors and related. Harassment value with the change of frequency distribution and the size is: LED display shows the content and closely related to the distribution and size of harassment value; Display the casing electromagnetic radiation than display positive electromagnetic radiation; Harassment value distribution and the size and the length of the casing wire, the installation position of control card, the shape of the box body, and have significant relationship between opening. In general, EMCLED screen test in the lab, the test was carried out in the process of conduction testing, space radiation testing, harmonic current, electrostatic discharge testing, radiation resistance, lightning surge immunity test and a series of high standard test. Especially on the radiation test this difficult project, P20 products through the European rules EN55022 CLASS on the basis of A standard, there were more than 6 db margin. P20mm EMC series can not only in the electromagnetic environment of their own work, also will not pose an unbearable to any things in the environment of electromagnetic disturbance, than the average indoor LED screen, more environmentally friendly, more secure, stable and reliable. With everybody enthusiasm interaction, brilliant LED interactive sharing activity on temporary end tonight, thanks for your participation, we tomorrow night goodbye, looking forward to your attention tomorrow evening senior problem more color LED display.
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