Share with you the basic structure of the video LED display screen

by:GKGD     2020-04-20
Ladies and gentlemen, good evening! We meet again, welcome you to sen photoelectric. Today's topics mainly for video LED display, let's talk about the basic structure of video LED display, share them with you. Video full color LED display is usually controlled by the main controller, scanning board, display unit and LED display. Main controller from computer display card to get a screen each pixel brightness of of all kinds of data, and then assigned to a number of scanning board, scanning each one is responsible for the control of the full color LED display screen lines ( Column) While each line ( Column) The LED display on the signal with the serial way the display control unit cascaded through the bank transfer, each display control unit directly to the LED display screen. Main controller of the work, is to put the computer display is a signal into the LED display screen with CARDS required format data and control signals. Display control single role, and image display is similar, usually with grayscale of shift register latch control function. Just video LED display size tend to be more big, so you should use integrated larger integrated circuits, such as my company's chip. Scanning pull the role of the so-called continuity, on the one hand, it accepts the video signal of the controller, on the other hand to belong to the same level of data transfer to own the display control unit, while the does not belong to the corresponding data down a cascade of scanning transmission. Video signal and full color LED display data, in space, time, order and so on various aspects difference, should have to coordinate scanning board.
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