Shenzhen LED display is analysed common terminology of seven

by:GKGD     2020-04-12
With the rapid development of shenzhen LED display technology, shenzhen LED display and LED full-color displays and so on shenzhen LED display products but also presents the diversified development of today's shenzhen LED display screen is widely used in all walks of life, but for the novice, shenzhen LED display a lot of professional term is don't understand, so, shenzhen LED display what are common terminology? 1, shenzhen LED display brightness: the brightness of the light emitting diode with the luminous intensity (generally 发光强度) Said, the unit's candela CD; 1000ucd( Micro candela) =1 mcd( Milli candela) 1000mcd、cd = 1。 Indoor use only shenzhen LED display light intensity is commonly the ucd - 500 50 MCD and outdoor LED display with a single shenzhen intensity should be generally MCD - 100 1000 MCD, even more than 1000 MCD. 2, shenzhen LED display pixel modules: LED array as a matrix or pen, prefabricated into the size of a standard module. Indoor display commonly used have 8 * 8 pixels module, eight word seven segment digital module. Outdoor display pixel module has 4 * 4, 8 * 8, 8 * 16 pixels specifications, etc. Outdoor displays with pixel module because of its each pixel is composed of two or more LED tube bundle, so it is also referred to as control module. 3, pixel ( 像素) With pixel diameter: shenzhen LED display each can be individually controlled in shenzhen LED display light emitting unit ( Point) Known as pixels ( Or like yuan) 。 30 pixels diameter refers to the diameter of each pixel, the unit is mm. 4, resolution: shenzhen LED display pixel number of columns is called shenzhen LED display resolution. Amount of pixels resolution is display, it determines the information capacity of a display screen. 5, gray, gray level refers to the degree of pixel light emitting light and shade change, a kind of primary colors gray levels generally have 8 to 12. For example, if each of the primary colors gray for level 256, with double colors color screen, the display color is 256 x 256 = 64 k color, also known as the screen is 256 color display. 6, double colors: most of today's color LED display in shenzhen is double colors color screen, namely each pixel are two LED tube core: one for the red light tube core, one for the green light pipe core. Bright red light tube core when the pixel to red, bright green light tube core when the pixel is green, red and green light at the same time, the two tube core pixel is yellow. The red, green called gezer. 7, full color: red, green, double colors, combined with the blue color, the three primary colors, make up full color. Due to a full color blue pipe and pure green core technology is now mature, so the basic market with full color. 【 Shenzhen LED display.
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