Shenzhen led display should be how to choose is right?

by:GKGD     2020-07-01

when you in choosing the led display screen, first is to consider the needs of everyone, so you can choose, targeted mainly includes here have choose the size of the problem, and is the use of environmental aspects and so on, some led display when everyone will have a certain limit in terms of using the site, when everyone is blind choice, could lead to the use of the effect is not very good.

led display is mainly for the sake of it can be used as a display text, as well as display images and so on the content of the play, when the choice, you need to know in the position of the led display planning, display and how far the distance between the viewer is, and how it is in the control of the control is in the form of what, here also will have certain difference, now people often use the led display control mode is the synchronization control, and synchronous control, there is a wireless control and so on.

in fact, when people for the led display screen in image shows that the demand is higher, and the viewing distance closer, you can actually choose full color display screen, but still need to see you play here, when you use the led display screen on the content of the text more, this time we can reduce the point density, after the point density to reduce the corresponding price is the price.

in for choosing the led electronic display screen, in choosing the way this is actually more, when everyone is not very clear about this, we can find some formal manufacturer to understand and consultation.

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