Shenzhen LED display the global LED industry has LED to the giant

by:GKGD     2020-04-11
Shenzhen LED display the global LED industry has LED to big, especially in shenzhen huaqiang north seg and huaqiang electronic market, LED lighting, back light and LED large screen display show hot state. With the support of government departments, huaqiang north is becoming the most important market of LED products in China, both in technology and products in one step ahead. After ten years of cultivation and development, shenzhen is engaged in the semiconductor lighting technology and product research and development, production and sales of all kinds enterprise, by the end of last year, which has more than 700, this year is expected to more than 900, initially formed a from upstream of the extension, the chip to packaging, application products and accessory products industry chain; Last year, the scale of shenzhen LED industry output value has reached 18 billion yuan, employs more than 120000 people, more than 2 billion registered capital. Century crystal source, yuan heng photoelectric, bell, chau Ming emperor, light, big party and so on dozens of enterprises, is now leading the LED lighting, back light display, screen and other application fields. According to the city industry and trade and information commission of science and technology, shenzhen are currently make LED professional market huaqiang north, to gather shenzhen well-known enterprises, thus forming industrial advantage, let companies in shenzhen with the aid of huaqiang north the advantage of 'China electronic first street', for more domestic and international orders. Shenzhen LED industry, he says, is at present, the number of shenzhen LED enterprises has accounted for more than half of the country, and large production scale. Under the impetus of the positive policy, with the aid of huaqiang north LED the advantage of professional market, shenzhen will be stronger and bigger LED industry in the future. In fact, attaches great importance to developing new LED industry in shenzhen, already will grab the LED industry commanding heights as adjust industrial structure and cultivate new economic growth point in the city's major industries. Recently, shenzhen LED industry is 'big' frequently. City after in-depth research and brewing, has issued including the shenzhen several measures to promote the development of semiconductor lighting industry, industrial planning and demonstration project of 4 'red tape', to support the LED industry in the city run. At present, shenzhen has become the LED back light of the world's major production and supply base, LED display of the country's largest production and supply base.
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