Shenzhen LED large screen, the differences between domestic and imported raw materials?

by:GKGD     2020-04-11
General shenzhen LED large screen, LED electronic display screen, full-color LED display, LED unit board, etc, according to a different brand and use raw materials between generally exists in shenzhen LED large screen price differential. But in the end, LED display screen, the main reasons for the price difference was LED display screen of choose and buy different analysis of raw materials. General LED display screen raw materials from kinds of points, can be divided into the material entrance and domestic material. Light emitting chip, the entrance to the fountain has: the United States, Japan, Taiwan, now also have a department of domestic chip. Each light emitting chip has its own advantages and disadvantages. Since the United States and Japan chip, for its holding the focus on skills, under the similar holding entourage of, the United States and Japan chip cost is high. 【 Shenzhen LED large screen 】 Taiwan and local chip cost than homemade, but its performance compared to the United States and Japan chip, still has certain gap. If the LED screen is used in emergency situations, or the Lord use the entrance to the material is better than force; In addition to the shenzhen LED large screen chip, other factors reflect the cost of the screen LED emergency is LED driver IC, nothing more than if I were a customer I would prefer choose than good driver IC, because it is the price a little higher, but the driver IC is LES embodies screen quality and life are very urgent, for full-color LED screen of time must be constant voltage constant current driver IC; Other aspects of the material, such as power supply, housing, and the production of screen a variety of accessories. 【 Shenzhen LED large screen 】
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